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On this Africa Uganda Water Pumps online store you will be able to find and purchase the most appropriate water pump for your home , farm or business. You will find a wide range of pumps including Electric, Solar, and petroleum driven pumps.

No matter what the job, the africaug online water pump store carries a full line of utility pumps and pump accessories to help you complete it. Choose from a variety of models and features sure to fit your budget and your needs.

Submersible Water Pumps - Dirty & Clean Water

Submersible pumps are robust, built to last products suitable for pumping dirty and clean water. They can be utilized in a number of different scenarios including flood water drainage, garden irrigation and creating waterfalls and fountains.

Submersible Water Pumps - Clean Water

Submersible pumps are tailor made for pumping clean water in domestic use especially when draining and clearing water in the garden or emptying blockage in the kitchen or bathroom. We supply versatile and user-friendly submersible water pumps that can also be used to control water levels in ponds.

Sewage Pumps

Our range of sewage pumps can drain clean, dirty and sewage water in large amounts and are fully equipped for large-scale industrial use. We stock pumps with cast iron pump bodies and strong stainless steel drive shafts to ensure maximum durability, so they are suitable for long term use.

Engine Driven Water Pumps

The engine driven water pumps we have in stock are primed for rapidly transporting water at an efficient and cost effective rate. They are powerful, compact and portable, handy for pool and pond pumping jobs. Low emissions and lack of noise pollution make these water pumps an environmentally friendly purchase.

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